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Located in the heart of Huntington Beach, Moonwood Coffee Co. has successfully built a name for itself in Orange County for its excellent catering services, delicious coffee and baked goods, and commitment to bettering the community. Our co-owners Alecia Draper and Bernadette Ellis share over 50 years of baking industry experience between them. They’ve used their expertise to train a team committed to high-quality craftsmanship and delivering the best catering service, every time. Ask about our popular and delicious Affogato dessert and our organic pour-over coffee method! We also have a wide variety of coffee and espresso selections upon request.

When our owners Alecia Draper and Bernadette Ellis bought Moonwood Coffee Co. from the previous owners in 2017, they knew it was meant to be. With years of experience within the baking industry and a love for the craft, Alecia and Bernadette recognized the potential of the Moonwood Coffee Co. brand. With every coffee, baked good, and catering experience, they have grown Moonwood into a community where they can share their knowledge and teach the art of a good brew or a perfect crunch. Moonwood Coffee Co. has become a safe haven for new team members to hone their craft and learn the skills needed to become independent artisans in a commercial kitchen. Today, Moonwood Coffee Co. has made a name for itself in the Orange County area as a top caterer for delicious coffee and baked goods.

Who We Are

We are a team of bakers, brewers, and tastemakers who love to share our delicious treats with the world. With years of experience in professional kitchens, the team at Moonwood is built for excellence. At Moonwood Coffee Co., every cup and pastry has a purpose. We bake, brew, cook, and cater with your dream in mind. Relax, and leave the rest to our expertly trained team.

Ongoing Training, Personal Development, and Managements Opportunities for survivors of childhood molestation, incest, and sexual abuse are at the heart and mission of Moonwood Coffee Co. We care for our team: the baristas, bakers, cake designers, and catering servers. Our leadership’s top priority is ensuring each team member is given every opportunity to accomplish their goals and dreams.

Moonwood Coffee Co. will raise awareness and financial support to sponsor sexually abused children and adults to receive Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Equine Therapy, and Art Therapy. In addition, if a survivor has a passion for barista service, baking or cake designing we will be teaching Vocational Training from our Moonwood Coffee Co. kitchen.

We believe with love, support, vocational training, and continued therapy treatments, survivors will be able to find hope for a better future.


Alecia Draper, Co-Owner

With 32 years of industry experience, Alecia Draper knows her baked goods. Her training started with her first job as a cake decorator at her local Haagen Daas. She soon found that the hustle and bustle of a commercial-grade baking kitchen was her place to be. At the young age of 17, she was promoted to the role of manager, overseeing cake and pie orders for wholesale accounts, training employees, and managing all store operations. Through these early experiences, Alecia learned that teamwork, attention to detail, and a consistent work ethic are critical to a successful kitchen. Through years of training, Alecia established herself as a master of her craft and even was awarded recognition for “Best Wedding Cake” for the bakery she owned in Las Vegas from 2001 to 2010.


Bernadette Ellis, Co-Owner

Bernadette Ellis has made a name for herself with 32 years in the bakery industry. Beginning at the young age of twelve, Bernadette has consistently been working to support herself and her family within the food world. While her early experiences instilled a strong work ethic in Bernadette, her years within the field have honed her ability to build strong working relationships and an eye for quality. She has made a name for herself in the restaurant catering business working with clients like California Pizza Kitchen, TGIFriday’s, and Cheesecake Factory. She was able to grow sales from 150 thousand to 38 million and has led several teams to success throughout her career. For the past 16 years, Bernadette has used her expertise to grow her very successful Bakery Brokerage Company. Bernadette joined Alecia in 2017 to purchase the Moonwood Coffee Co., and together they have combined their years of experience and skills to create a coffee and baked goods experience unlike any other.




— Anonymous


"We met them at the Aliso Viejo Pet Expo and we loved their bakery goods and coffee! My kids loved their cookies and cinnamon rolls so much, we left and went back just to get more (the last ones!). Wish they had a location in south county!"

— Anonymous


"Love ordering from Alecia for our monthly coffee for our office (team of 20). The chocolate chips are to die for!"

— Danette


"Moonwood Coffee Co. was amazing at our OC United/Peninsula Point Community Christmas Open House this past Sunday! The baristas Amanda and Kristie were so nice and efficient serving 300 guests in 3 hours! They set up a super cute hot cocoa bar and hot cider for the kids and the espressos were delicious! All of the neighbors raved about it. The retro trailer they serve out of and the bistro stringers added the perfect vibe to our event. I can't wait to use them again."

— OC United Jingle and Mingle


"Alecia has been providing Coffee for our office since we moved into our new office. Ordering is always a smooth process, and the coffee is received on time before we finish our next round! The Rice Crispy Treats and the chocolate chip cookies are delicious! If you're looking to order for your office, this is the place to order."

— Dee


"Quality and service top!"

— Myriam


"Moonwood is about the highest quality in coffee, treats and people. They make every event just that much more special - exceptional people who treat their customers like they matter."

— Anonymous